Monday, September 27, 2010

BYOKMTB DAY - Saturday Oct. 9th Starting at 2:00PM

T.H.O.R. has setup this event to honor IMBA's national holiday, we're celebrating Bring Your Own Kid Mountain Biking Day (BYOKMTB).

This is a chance to bring the whole family out for a fun, guided ride, followed by some awesome food and drinks. It's the best way to introduce your kids to the most fun they'll have on two wheels!

Manawa has been off limits all year because of flooding but we are finally able to ride the short loop, and we want to celebrate. The short loop is perfect for the kiddos and first time riders. It's flat and fun! After the ride, head across the street for some grub and good times on the Dream Land playground, which was designed by children! It's huge!

We hope to see you and your family. Bring 'em all. The more the merrier.

If the trails are too wet to ride, we'll ride the paved trail instead.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Four Lake Ride

Some dirt and racing our bikes would have been nice but Mother Nature had different plans for us this weekend. Rain Friday and Saturday put us out on the road today. Last nights Husker game against S.D. State was a let down even though they won. Things got better today. Getting together with Aaron, Dave, and Greg for a road ride to Bennington was great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We did the Four Lake Ride: Standing Bear, Waterford, Prairie View and Bennington Lake. It was sunny, almost no wind and temps in the 60s. Doesn't get much better. Thanks for the ride gents. See you in the dirt tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Trail Walk

Walking Pete without Mickey last night was awkward to say the least. Maybe it was even more so for Pete but he couldn't tell me about it. He seemed happy enough to be out where he loves to be. It was our first trail walk since we had to put Mickey down on Monday. Mickey had some rapidly developing pain due to what we found out to be cancer. Our family was very lucky to have a great dog like Mickey. His adventurous and super playful personality got me through some tough times. He was a close friend to me and that makes him very hard for me to lose.

He was excellent at finding erosion on the trail.

He and his brother Pete were fantastic at showing girls a good time.

Mickey was the best tour guide to newcomers to the trail.

His face was joyous...

...even more when he was doing what he loved.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Less Taco Ride Virgins in the World

Dave and Chris were finally free on a Thursday night to experience first hand the joy of a taco ride. We headed down the Wabash about 15 minutes ahead of the West crew (Jim, Danielle, Amber, Andy). Aaron and Amanda, even with a late start made up time like they do.

I always wanted to stop at the big wooden lounge bench on past rides but there were always people there already. Tonight it was empty so Dave, Chris and I took a break there. We all arrived at the normal halfway meeting spot at about the same time. It was a cool quiet night with fewer than normal riders. Seems like the virgins liked it well enough to be back again.

Mineola Browns AND Tacos, crazy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The 46th Annual Camp-a-ree

Our family from my Dad's side got together Sunday from as far away as Arkansas and South Dakota to celebrate Labor Day at the 46th Annual Camp-a-ree. Our family reunions involved camping for the first 35 or so years. This year we met at my parents house in Lincoln, Nebraska. There was a great lunch that my Mom spread out for us. Then we moved to a nearby park that had horseshoe pits. My brother Jim and cousin Jason went undefeated and were declared the champions for the day. Back in the garage we continued with other games like water balloon toss, bubble gum blowing contest and many others that we call the Dakota Relays. Great to see everyone and share a real nice Sunday.

My cousin Jill introduced a new game. The goal was be the fastest one to get the 8 golf balls out of the tissue box that is tied to your backside...

My nephew Zac was fastest.

My daughter Cali's awesome attempt.

More photos when you click here...

Championship Game...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Curb Appeal Enhancement

The outside front window trim is finally done. Next I will tackle the inside trim/staining/sealing. Ted S. and I got these windows replaced on a weekend when it was not raining. Then it seemed to rain or was blazing hot every time I planned to work on the trim. At least I can scratch something off my list today. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

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Replacing Windows

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