Friday, September 16, 2011

Omaha Transportation Master Plan Meeting - September 15th

Last night we were able to hear and see what the city has planned to make Omaha a more “bike and pedestrian friendly” city. To help with the citizens show of support, there were special buses and bike rides scheduled prior to the Public TMP Meeting.

It was awesome to see and be a part of the multitude of bikes that pulled up to the Scott Conference Center last night. Dave, Dale and I rode from Bike Masters at about 5:30 so we could get there in time for the 6:30 start. I was interested in how they showed studies and measurements to weight which transportation projects would give the most return on the 750 million dollars budgeted. Now they want input from the public on what they think the priorities should be. I’m still trying to find out how to do that online but they might not have that portal ready yet.

There was a great turnout for this meeting. It looked like close to 300 people to me. I know I’m concerned about how I’m going to get around when gas is just too expensive.

The whole 2 hours of the meeting is embedded here if you'd like to hear and see for yourself:
Video streaming by Ustream Scott Conference Center, 6450 Pine Street, on UNO’s South Campus

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Attitude Adjusted

This post is not about adjusting my attitude at Clancey's Pub. I work at 116th and Miracle Hills Drive in Omaha, Nebraska. I try to use my bike as transportation a couple times a week. The perfect weather is making that real easy right now. Today I took some extra time on my ride home to take a few photos of my route from work to home. I'll also mention a few strategies to get home safely and easily.
Once I leave for home I don't look for the shortest route. I'm riding behind the strip mall starting here at Clancy's and there is no traffic.
An extra 1/2 mile is not too far for a flat and low traffic route. But there are a few short climbs. Here is were I climb the 'grassy knoll' to cross the papio creek by Huber Chevrolet.
Normally I would ride the Big Papio Trail from Dodge to Blondo but that has been torn up all summer. Looks like the work to get this trail back has made some recent progress.
Riding west on Blondo Sidewalk to 117th Street.
Using Google Maps or something like it is a great way to plan your route.
Here I cross 120th at the lights on Stonegate Drive. Once across, this street has speed bumps to keep the traffic slower.
When the trail is dry I take a single track shortcut. Here is where I cross Maple and ride up a small hill to the Ice Rink parking lot.
This where the fun level is kicked up a notch - Single Track Dirt. Some would recognize this to be the 'Ice Loop Climb'.
But there is always an end to the dirt. This is the entrance to my neighborhood riding west.

Calories Burned: 200 X 2
Miles ridden: 9.8
Auto Cost Saved: $4
Time Spent Outside: 30 Min. X 2
Attitude Improvement: Priceless

Monday, September 5, 2011

All Day Revival

We were fortunate to have Cali home taking care of Pete so we could get out of town on a beautiful day. Jodi and I had a destination but we took our time getting there. With a couple of stops along the way we were headed toward the Sugar Clay Winery in Thurman, Iowa. This was the site for the 'Missouri River High Water Revival'.
This was a music festival benefit for the local victims of the 2011 Flood sponsored by the Bartless Community Church. This started yesterday at noon. Some of the local musicain's included Chasing Daylight, Matt Cox, Jr & Gunner of Acoustic Groove, Brich & Killion, Casey Freemyer, Midwest Dilemma, In the Gruv, Adam Lee, & Swamp Boy Blues Band.
Jodi found a Geocache by accident. Dan P's kids found it first but they didn't know what it was. They had some fun once they caught on to it.
There was a Crawfish Boil and everyone brought lawn chairs and blankets. It was a nice destination for a Labor Day Weekend Road Trip.
Missouri River High Water Revival 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

No Peek Game Day Roast

I add some Ginger Ale to mine but here is the recipe from Mommy's Kitchen...
This roast is going to be done at noon today!


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