Saturday, November 10, 2012

Warm November Trail Ride

The buzz around the cubicle farm at work this week was we are riding Calvin Crest this weekend. Finally, Alroy, Chris B. and Nick are going to experience the trail awesomeness that I've been telling them about. Bryce and Dale were also free to ride so the 6 of us met up for a Saturday morning Calvin Crest adventure. It's weird November weather when the temps are already close to 70 degrees by mid morning. It made riding the single track that much nicer.

After the first lap I rode ahead to take some video.

The beavers are still busy dropping trees along the river trail. There were plenty of firsts on the ride. First ride at CC for the West PMO riders. Dale's first ride on his Surly Ogre. My first ride after trimming my handle bar ends back by 3/4 inch (great decision). Even with a few crashes it seems like everyone liked the ride and wants to go back real soon. Great ride!

This is the tower on the north side of the trail.

This is Alroy's view from the tower.

Chris had a narrow escape almost getting kabobed by a tree. But he survived the drop over the 20ft dropoff behind him.

Thanks for the photos Alroy!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cranksgiving Omaha on Saturday, Nov. 17th

Cranksgiving Omaha is a little more than a week away.

Cranksgiving will be held Saturday, November 17 at Bike Masters. The function collects donations for the Omaha Food Bank. The fun is a scavenger hunt style event on bikes.

Here's how you can participate:

- Ride in the event to collect food.
- Bring a food donation to the event.
- Make a cash contribution.

VOLUNTEER TO HELP OUT! Perry Mitchell is organizing this event. He needs volunteers for registration, rider check-in, food preparation and food serving, etc.

Tell everyone you know! This event is great fun and serves a worthwhile, community-building cause!!!
Who knows, you might be the winner of the prestigious golden crank!

Contact Perry at for more information on how to volunteer for this event.

Bike Masters is located at:
5265 N 129th
Omaha, NE 68164

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