Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home from the 2011 WI Road Trip

By the middle of last week everything worked out well for me to hit the road to visit some new places and some old friends. I spent the day last Thursday in Decorah, IA. My plan was to ride the trails in the bluffs north of the Upper Iowa River. It had rained Wednesday night. I did some paved road/trails riding early that Thursday. I found some interesting sites like the Ice Cave and ...

...Dunning's Spring.

Decorah has great paved trails that I used to visit the local fish hatchery. There are several canoe/kayak services in the area so I spent a couple hours exploring the Upper Iowa River on a 10’ Kayak. I found a huge eagle nest.

I'm "shooting the rapids" here...

By midafternoon the dirt trails were "tacky fast". I found some trails that were just too challenging and some that were well groomed and fun. Pictured here is a creek crossing where the water flows right into the river. Bottom line is that it was good to get familiar with Decorah, IA. I'm sure I'll be back.

DECORAH HUMAN POWERED TRAILS does the building and trail maintenance.

Thursday evening and the next few days were spent fishing, biking and hanging out with Chris and Denny north of Lacrosse WI. We had lots of laughs and new adventures in Wisconsin. Thanks for having me up for another great weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Emma's bike got stolen today.

Emma's bike got stolen today. Let me know if you see it. It's a Dark Blue - Raleigh C30 with a black rear rack. S/N: 7C9504264
I will add more details as I get them. Thanks for being on the lookout.

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