Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tire Testing

Word is my bike tires might have been a bit too aggressive for the dry hardpack riding conditions around here. Greg G. introduced me to a pair of Michelins and some Hutchinson 26" tires tonight. I have the Hutchinson Pythons mounted for tomorrows test run.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Manawa MTB Race Today - Sept. 26, 2009

Even with a little rain the night before it turned out to be a good day for a race at Lake Manawa S.P. Forgot my lid at home but RF came through with one so I could get into the race. Rode a practice lap with Kevin and the trail was still damp and slick. For the race, I think I paced myself too much. By the end of the second lap (final lab for cat 3) I still wanted to ride which is a first for me. The slickness turned into perfectly tacky. After my race was done I got my camera out. I tried to get several motion pitures but they didn't really turn out. Here are the photos.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Morning Papio Creek Ride - 09/12/09

No pictures this weekend. Just a good cloudy weather ride on Big Papio/Keystone down to HW75 and back. We got into a little rain down by Offutt Air Force Base. Had a challenge by a skinny tire flat on Jim's road bike. I found out that none of my fat tire stuff is powerful enough to air up skinny tires. We still got in a nice 30 mile ride in before getting ready to watch some Husker Football. Now Jodi is feeling bad for Arkansas State since NU is killing them so she decided to start routing for them. Sheeez! Time to go down to Playing with Fire to hear some blues.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Morning CB Ride - 09/05/09

It's grown by a few riders for the last three Saturdays. Three new riders today were Chad (and his Classic Chucks), Andy and Dennis L.
We rode around CB and added Carter Lake again this week for a 31 mile ride. I took the bus downtown this AM. Jodi joined us on the back patio at the "The Matt" for the ride debriefing. She and I caught the end of the Farmers Market and picked up this ten pound strawberry pie. Maybe it's not quite 10lbs. but it's husker red!

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