Monday, January 19, 2009

Fort St. Gravel Ride

January 18th, 2009 was a good day for a gravel road ride. Temps were in the 30's with a light west wind. This would also be my first ride on my professionally tuned Marin - East Peak since Bike Masters finished tuning it back in December. I took Doug's advice and rode west on fort street today. I didn't want to fight any traffic with ice and snow on the road sides so I loaded the bike up on the back of the truck and drove west to about 170th. I parked in a residential area close to were the gravel starts. The traffic was light. After riding for about an hour I realized only about half a dozen cars went by. I passed one runner but didn't see any others on bikes. The light wind gave me a bit of a push home. Fort St. past 196th has some nice hills. I enjoyed the climbs and the gravel was solid enough for some fast descents. I was up out of the saddle on the climbs without any bike trouble. Back in November I would have been worried about climbing hard because of a drivetrain problem (cracked derailleur hanger). My brake performance was a big improvment too. They were very quiet and worked great. Thanks Bike Masters!

I was expecting to have a mad dog come running out of some farm along the way. Fortunately that didn't happen.
Good Ride!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good Game - Great Halftime Show

No. 5 Omaha Central took down top-ranked Omaha Bryan 22-8 last night. It was a good close game where in the final five minutes Central came from behind for a 68-56 win. At halftime the Eagles trailed by 10 points. The great halftime show contributed to Central's awesome comeback. Nice job Central Pom Squad!!!

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