Monday, March 30, 2009

"That's what ibprophren is for!"

Got some riding in early this evening on tranq dirt. After the trail work on Sunday my back was a little sore. But "That's what ibprophren is for!". Anyway, that’s what I hear. My cell phone camera caught Dmars doing the rollers on blue trail at the top of the south hill.

We met with Craig starting his ride at the south end of the Ice Loop. The heavy south wind pushed Dmars, Craig and I up the hill. I pretended the farm dog was chasing me and broke away for a second. Those two caught me quick on the new reroute to the Inner Loop Descent. I’m already missing the South Hill Descent.

Many thanks to Dan and Bike Masters for taking a quick look at my shifting issues. All is well. And don't worry I'll learn how to take care of my bike eventually.

Roll On It

The first official "Trail Day" of 2009 at Tranquility is complete. The closed signs are down. Now it's time to roll on it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday Trail Day - Tranquility Sunday March 29th

Like dirt? Come help make some more ridable. Please join us on Sunday. Trail Day Sunday March 29th starts at noon and we finish at 4PM. We will meet at the trailhead kiosk on the south side of Fort St. just past the creek west of 120th St. You can bring shovels and limb cutting tools, etc.. There is also a Trail day tues march 31 from 6 till 8. This is to finish up anything not completed on Sunday.

Check out the full calendar of trail days on the THOR website Click on the calendar link for full details.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Second Day of Spring

My expectations for Sat. March 21, 2009 were low but it turned out good. Met up with Dale, Chris, Dave, Marc and Marc's "wonder tiller" at 10AM. We got in 4 hours of trail work fixing erosion from the spring thaw. The warm weather had us all shedding jackets and sweatshirts in the first 5 minutes of work.

After that I took a quick paved trail spin to cool off. I feel bad for the many trail users out on Saturday. I had to be leaving a bad trail of stink! Sorry about that but the dirt trails are starting to get really nice. Well, maybe not after it rains today.

Later in the afternoon, after cleaning up, I took Emma's old Schwinn downtown to donate it to Community Bicycle Shop Omaha. CBSO had an open house from 4PM to 6PM. I was impressed with how nice and organized the place looked. The way I understand it, a kid that needs a bike will work in the shop for a number of hours and earn it. Great idea!

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