Friday, July 30, 2010

WWII Nose Art photos from airbase in the Philippines

Jodi had an uncle stationed in the Philippines during WWII. His name was Harley and he was a mechanic. We found some of his nose art photos recently. Most of these planes look like B-24s. I did some internet searches and could not find any photos of nose art quite like these. I did find a different version of "Modest Maiden". I thought these were too historic and interesting not to share with the rest of the world. These have been sitting in a box for about 65 years.

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WWII Nose Art from from Philippines

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Psycowpath Racing will be here soon

Racing is on both August 7 & 8. Lewis & Clark time trail in the morning on Saturday. The short track is at Tranquility is that same afternoon. The Tranquility XC on Sunday. I understand that all races are individually scored and count towards series points. Sign up for one, two or all three. NO DAY OF REGISTRATION. PLEASE TELL EVERYONE!!!!!

This link has more on the registration.

Click here for some Garmin GPS data on the Tranqility short track course.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Enough

Several things need to happen to have a somewhat good Monday Night Ride. These are things like trails in riding condition, your health and your bike's health. Last week my health was not good enough for a ride. This week it was good enough to ride some and stop and take some photos. So thats what I did. It was good enough of Mother Nature to hold off the rain until long after the ride was over. If things are "good enough" I'll see you next week on the MNR.

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Monday Night Ride on July 19th, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Flurry of Furys

Lee finally finished restoring his 64 Fury Convertible. He's owned it for 18 years. He's been working on it for 9 years on and off. For two weeks in June Lee, his wife Linda, and members of the Praire Region Plymouth Owners Club took a road trip to the Pacific Northwest. His 64 Fury pulled their teardrop camper.
They spent a couple of days in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, then drove on to Portland for the 2010 National Plymouth Meet. While there, they toured up to see Mt. Saint Helens. After that they drove down the Oregon coast to the California redwoods, then over to Lake Tahoe.
From there they went to Reno and toured the National Auto Museum -The Harrah Collection. Before heading home they made a stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Last night Lee and Linda, Lee's brothers Loren and Les showed their 64 furys together at a car show on 84th and Park Drive. The Furys owned by Lee and Les came out of a junkyard on Colorado. These cars were saved from being crushed and scraped. Lee's is the green convertible. Les owns the red Fury Hardtop. Both of these have 318 V8 engines. Loren's is the brown Sport Fury with a big block 361. Les restored his red hardtop years ago. Loren finished his restoration last year so they have been urging Lee to finish his too. This is the first time these cars have ever been shown together. This is a very nice piece of Plymouth history in one place for the first time in 46 years. That math was easy because I was born in 1964.

Thanks for the photos and the details Lee - Super Cool Furys!

Flurry of Furys

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Turkeys on the Trail

Got up early this morning and started getting ready for work. Then I remembered I don't have to be at work today, nice! Since I was up anyway, I went to Tranquility and weedwacked the turns close to the street on the Fort Street Loop. When I finished I walked back down to my truck. There I saw a hen turkey and about 7 new turkeys. I sat in my truck a watched them for a while. They were rowdy and curious little turkeys. The mother hen had to keep scolding them for wandering off. They slowly pecked the ground down the path with the mother trying to keep them together. It was fun to sit and watch them. When you are at Tranquility keep an eye out for them.

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